Profit from your experiences

When the dust settles after reopening and the hangover has gone from another 'so close' England performance at the Euro's, what will your restaurant or bar do to prize customers from the sofa and back to your venue again?

It could simply come down to giving them a memorable experience. I don't mean the experience you already give them, with your great food and fantastic service, but something extraordinary, noteworthy, and of course, Instagrammable.

Millennials have been wonderfully described as "experience pioneers", and I quote, "[a] great experience is 3X more popular [with Millennials] than getting a bargain price" and "72% of Millennials choose to prioritize experiences over luxury and material goods. This is the basis of the Experience Economy, in which "businesses must orchestrate memorable events for their customers, and that memory itself becomes the product." {hospitalitynet}.

Millennials (or Generation Y) were born between 1981 and 1994/6. They are currently between 25 and 40 years old.  Hot on their tails are Gen Z, the newest generation, born between 1997 and 2012/15. They are currently between 6 and 24 years old, meaning around a third of this Gen Z'ers are of legal drinking age.

Why should you care? According to a Bankrate survey in 2019, they found that three times a week, 54 percent of younger people (ages 18 to 26) eat out and 30 percent buy coffee. 51 percent go to a bar once per week and the average millennial eats out five times a week.

This could apply to travel, accommodation, restaurants, bars, clubs and just about every hospitality venue. So what can you do to create "an experience"? After all, life's busy enough serving your guests without having to think up interesting and fun ways to entertain them while you're at it. But it doesn't have to mean hiring Calvin Harris or a marching band, with a little imagination and good marketing you can host a memorable event that will delight your guests, create chat-worthy experiences and most importantly keep them coming back for more!

Here are some ideas and examples of ways in which restaurants and bars are raising their game give their guests a memorable experience;

An immersive eating experience

The fantastic Six by Nico have devised a 'six-course tasting menu will allow you to experience an array of playful flavours, with elements of surprise within each course you are sure to be entertained! Reflective of the magical surroundings you would find at the circus – anyone can be a part of this show.' across their portfolio of restaurants around the UK.

A fantastic example of an immersive eating experience, beautifully merging the menu with the entertainment and surroundings. Experience appeal at its best! Find out more here

Bottoms-up! for bottomless brunches

The rise of the bottomless brunch is showing no signs of slowing down. A real hit with Millennials and Gen Z'ers, they're a great way of creating a memorable guest experience that will not only be fun but profitable. And a clever way of filling tables earlier in the day during the typical brunch hours of 11am - 2pm, with time-limited tables & multiple sittings to maximise profits.

Keep it simple by offering a reduced menu, buckets of bottled beers, or sharing platters for a more manageable service.

They are also fairly simple to put together, generally with some kind of musical theme - from Abba to Garage, musicals to the 80's, rock & roll to Jazz. Theme it and they will come! Here's some ideas to get you fizzing...

Mamma Mia Bottomless Brunch

The camp-tastic Blame Gloria in London put on a bottomless brunch with added hen-do appeal. The Mamma Mia bottomless brunch, with crowd interaction & live singing acts you'll need a drink or two for dutch courage!

Sunday lunch with soul

Bottomless brunches needn't be confined to Saturday's. This bottomless Sunday roast at Quaglingo's restaurant in London cooks up live Jazz, mouth-watering roast platters and of course unlimited wine or bubbles. Niiiiice!

Magical afternoon teas

The Georgian House Hotel in London make the most of their grade 2 listed building with their wonderful wizard themed rooms. To further enhance the experience they've created a Wizard afternoon tea experience which looks like lots of magical fun!

A great example of taking a theme that little bit further and creating a bit of theatre for a truly memorable experience.

Just a taster

Tasting experiences are a great way to involve your guests and give them a memorable experience, whilst getting a little tipsy at the same time!

It doesn't have to be limited to wine either, how about a beer tasting, cocktail making masterclass, whisky, gin and so on. Theme it around your venue - Spanish food, try a Charcuterie & Spanish wines experience, or a sherry & churros evening...there's no end of possibilities.

For more tasting experience ideas check out this great article from the guys at Trend Hunter:

In conclusion

As the demand for a more immersive dining & drinking experience increases, so does the opportunity for you to delight your guests, generate great free publicity on social media, increase your profits and fill the quieter times.

Some of the examples above may be a little elaborate for most restaurants, bars or pubs, but I hope it gives you a little inspiration to create an experience to engage, attract and delight your guests.

Have fun!


Remember, we can of course help you with creating a memorable experience and marketing it, if you have any questions or need any advice click here.