Your menu is a reflection of your restaurant and an important part of your marketing. After your guests have been met by your waiting staff, your restaurant menu is usually the next interaction guests will have with you.

In fact, If your menu is displayed outside your restaurant or even dropped through their door, it could well be the first interaction they will have with you. So it makes sense to make it look good and more importantly, sell your dishes and entice them to spend.

There's science behind the art of menu design too, commonly known as Menu Engineering, which has been around since the early 1980's and can be traced back to the 1970's (read our article 'Does your menu put a shift in?'). Menu Engineering is the process of analysing and designing your restaurant menu to increase profitability per guest.

By designing your menu to encourage guests to spend more or steering them towards purchasing your most profitable dishes, you can achieve a tangible increase to your bottom-line with some clever menu design. Aside from your general brand image and using your menu as a marketing tool, menu engineering research suggests that a well designed menu can increase profits by 10% - 15%.

Commercial benefits aside, having a well designed menu simply enhances your restaurant's image and gives you a menu that you're proud to present to your guests.

How much does a menu design cost?

You may be surprised at how much we charge you for a menu design, from as little as £99 in fact, depending on the size and complexity of your menu. We can even help you get them printed at a great price too, and we'll also provide you with a PDF for adding to your website or for emailing.

Drop us a line using the form below if you would like more information, or email your current menu design to us on & we can give you a quote.

" Now that's what I call a menu! "

Herbie Nyathi

Khoi Khoi Bar & Braai, Letchworth Garden City